Block Management

We offer a full Managing Agent service to owners of blocks of flats. Our staff are highly qualified and members of the Institute of Residential Property Management.

We are able to:

To fulfil the role of company secretary and secretary to the Board carrying out all duties and tasks associated with those appointments as required under Company Law in a timely and professional manner.
To be responsible for all aspects of the management and administration of The Company on behalf of the Board to meet its obligations as set out in the Company's Memorandum and Articles of Association and the requirements placed upon the Company by the terms of the registered titles of each of the Properties and in particular in relation to a transfer between the Company and each Shareholder (or their predecessor in title) registered on the respective titles of each Shareholder at HM Land Registry ("the Transfer").
To ensure that owners, lessees' lettings agents, short and long term tenants of the blocks are aware of and comply with covenants registered on the respective titles of each Shareholder at HM Land Registry ("Covenants") and any regulations as made and published by the Company ("Regulations").
In particular to carry out the following specific duties:-
Prepare a budget estimate of the contributions payable by the Shareholders pursuant to the leases and submit to the Board for its approval in sufficient time to allow due notification to Shareholders of the forthcoming Contributions.
Notify Shareholders of the approved estimated Contributions payable under the Transfer and take all necessary steps to collect amounts due. In the event of default seek approval from the Board to implement recovery action.
Keep proper books of account whether manually or by spreadsheet relating to the management and administration of the Company, and be responsible for scrutinizing and authorising/passing all bills, invoices and accounts for payment.


Charles Head and Son currently manage 22 blocks in South Devon, predominantly in Kingsbridge, Salcombe and Thurlestone but also including Dartmouth. They range from the management of freehold estates with communal roads, to small blocks of 2-3, flats up to one block in Kingsbridge with 29 units. A block in Salcombe and two in Thurlestone have pools, many are holiday/second homes and 9 blocks have lifts. The average block size is 12 units.

We have been involved in some blocks from the building stage and found this very useful in liaising with the developers and their Solicitors in formulating suitable clauses in the lease and setting service charge schedules.




Qualified as a Chartered Surveyor in 1986 in Bristol working for a large commercial firm of Surveyors. Moved to Devon in 1992 to head up the Salcombe office and then to the Kingsbridge in 1995 starting the professional and management department.


Joined Charles Head in June 2010, he is undergoing training and hopes to attain a qualification in Residential Property Management in the future. He comes with a background in building and construction, and worked as a junior draftsman for a local firm of Structural Engineers.


We arrange the maintenance of the block managing the service providers and can confirm our duties would cover all items mentioned. We would take on suitably qualified contractors and companies to perform these duties.

We would operate Banking facilities by a clients' ledger account which could earn interest. Once sufficient reserves are built up we would transfer them to a higher interest bearing account. We are currently investigating this with our various Bankers. We prepare management spreadsheets detailing income and expenditure which are available at all times and updates at regular intervals and for Board Meetings.


The main supervision of blocks is by monthly inspection and written report circulated to Directors via Email or post. This would link in with various Board Meetings and the AGM, which we would try to attend. Other meetings, for extraneous reasons and circumstances could be arranged as and when necessary.

The office would hold keys to the block and ideally to all apartments in the case of emergencies like flood and water damage. We have recently decided to put a key box on the external areas of all blocks with lifts, making the number available only to the fire brigade in cases of entrapment or emergency. Keyholders apart from owners' own caretakers and cleaners outside normal hours live locally and we would expect an attendance within 20 minutes.


Most of our blocks have a local Kingsbridge accountant that we have worked with for many years. We find that having an office close to us is very useful in the handover of paperwork and necessary dealing with queries that arise.

Company Secretary

We are quite happy to take on the role of Company Secretary involving the submission and update of details to Companies House and the issuing of certificates. We act as such for most of the managed blocks.

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